Consisting of eight limited liability companies in several key industries including Information Technology, Hospitality, Pharmaceuticals, Hydro Power, Printing and Publishing, Newspapers, Film Producing and Security, the Sumathi Holdings has grown to become a large conglomerate in Sri Lanka over the last 60+ years.

The Sumathi Holdings owes its success to many factors. Sound financial acumen coupled with timely decision making, managing people based on trust and loyalty to the organization and a commitment to excel in the chosen industries have been instrumental in our growth. Those who join the Sumathi Holdings with the right attitude can look forward to their career development and success within the organization and society at large.

Opportunities to join with us

Sales Manager - Retail Information Technologies (Pvt) Ltd



    Apart from a work environment that provides career progression, we offer them plenty of space to mature as professionals. Our diversity in the Group provides you with many opportunities to grow within the group. Exceptional people are recognized and developed to reach the highest potentials. You will have complete freedom to make innovative suggestions to improve processes and eliminate waste or start new businesses. Your views will be treated with utmost respect and you can take part in new projects that allow you to unleash your talents. Most of our people have long years of service in the Group signifying a culture built on our values, most importantly mutual trust and mutual respect, which are the essence of employee empowerment.

    We invite you to join us for a mutually rewarding career experience!