Security services initiated in 1987 to provide security coverage to all intra Group companies and establishments engaged in diverse fields of activity in different parts of the island, was later extended to an external clientele which has been steadily increasing over the years, under the name and style of Vice Squad Services.

What commenced as a partnership business was later incorporated as Vice Squad Services (Private) Limited in 2006. While providing employment to approx 350 individuals, the business has outpaced its original intention of an in-house security service, with over 80% of its revenue derived from servicing external clients. The core business not only embraces the mundane business of a guard service, but also the value added variants of cash escorts, on-call rapid deployment, as well as a wide range of security surveillance, security alert, and safety devices and solutions.

Our focus is to assist the customers to protect people & property, while delivering an efficient, courteous, competent and professional service, supported with state of the art security devices and integrated solutions.